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Guiding principles for management

 Strategic principle: work in Jinke and thing about the trade. scramble for No1. and contribute to society.

 Administrative principle: followed by market. lead in technology. take quality seriously. based on people of talent.

 Marketing principle: pioneering and scramble for No1. create famous brand. Satisfy customer.

 The spirit of staffs: make concerted efforts and go all out in work , create wealth satisfy demand.

Code of conduct

 Failure is the mother of success, we cant be tumbled twice by the same stone.

 Success is also the mother of failure, so we should have the idea that there is a bomb in our embrace.

 The next process is your customer, satisfy your customer, then our value can be reflected.

Quality control

A product of high quality will be produced by manufacture, but not by inspection.

Staff management

 Training men for profession is a dynamic process: perform real deeds-enhance abilities-do more important things.

 To build up employees confidence and improve their ability,

 Company will demand that one should run-up before he touch the target when he arranges employees post.

 We should remember a well-known saying of Goethe: Treat people as if they were what they ought to be and you help them to become what they are capable of being.

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