Job Title Product Technology and Develops Engineer
Location Guanlan,Longhua,Shenzhen ,Guangdong
Wages NegotiableRelease Date 2018-5-24
Demand number
Expiration date

Job responsibilities:


1, Develop new products and manage process ;


2,Test, develop polymer PTC components for over-current protection  ;


3, Search new materials for improvement of material formula ;


4, Optimize the process and improve the yield;


5, Preparation of technical documents;


6, Make samples according to customer's needs;


7, Write patents


Job requirements:


1, Between 20-35 years old, bachelor degree or above;


2, Polymer materials, polymer processing engineering, materials physics, powder materials and other related major research directions;


3, PPTC related work experience or priority for published relevant papers ;


4,CET 4 or above;;


5,Good skills of Origin, AutoCAD or Photoshop software ;

TEL      :   0755-29356619-361415871413932

Contact:   Miss Cheng


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