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How long can a JKPPTC device stay in the tripped state without damage?

Publish Time:2013-12-17   |    Click:2136
  The UL rated devices must sustain a 1000-hour trip event without losing PTC characteristics. Longer trip events can be sustained with a fault event that is less than the maximum rated voltage and current for the device. The longer the device is held in a tripped state the more likely it is that the device will not recover all of its original resistance value when reset and therefore may not meet the original device specifications. The degree to which each device will suffer this degradation is highly dependent on the fault event and the device in question. Designers should keep in mind that the JKPPTC device is intended to protect against faults and failures and is not intended to be used in applications where it will be expected to be tripped as the normal mode of functioning.

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