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JK-SMD1210L Series

IH=Hold current:maximumcurrent at which the device will not trip at 25℃ still air. IT=Trip current:minimumcurrent at which the device will nalways at 25℃ still air. Vmax=Maximum voltagedevice can withstand without damage at rated current. Imax=Maximum faultcurrent device can withstand tithout damage at rated voltage. Ttrip=Maximum time totrip(s) at assigned current. Pd=Typical powerdissipation:typical amount of power dissipated by the decice when in state airenvironment. Rmin=Minimum deviceresistance at 25℃ prior to tripping. Rmax=Maximum deviceresistance at 25℃ prior to tripping.


JK-SMD1210L Series


Low-Resistance SMD

JK-SMD1210L Series



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